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Getting over mono

Our son came down with mono at college and his symptoms were getting worse and worse. He came home for a weekend and I thought we would have to bring him to the hospital. We called our homeopath and asked for a remedy. He gave us the remedy that gives the body’s immune system a boost. Our son then, a few minutes later, got up from the couch and had more energy. Over the hours the colour came back to his face and his energy was restored.

– Cheryl

Carbo veg cures finger circulation

Hi! Many years ago my husband saw that his fingers would turn white when he was in the cold. For the past 15 years we have owned a car wash and he would always complain about how the cold resulted in his fingers turning white from poor circulation. One day we decided to look online for a homeopathic remedy for poor circulation. We came across several, but i only had carbo veg in my collection. The other one we were going to use was empty. He took a few pellets. His face started hurting on his left side about 5… Read more “Carbo veg cures finger circulation”

– Cheryl
Heart Palpitations

I suffered from muscle, joint, and bone pain

I suffered from muscle, joint and bone pain (chronic inflammation) worse from humidity and rain. I became interested in homeopathy out of necessity. My medical doctor told me there was no cure nor an effective treatment for my condition. At age 25 that was very depressing. I suffered a spinal injury during my second year in university. Following the injury I developed chronic pain and inflammation which spread to my joints, long bones of my body and muscles. Humid weather aggravated my condition. I developed chronic fatigue and became depressed feeling that I would never recover my health again. I… Read more “I suffered from muscle, joint, and bone pain”

– Caroline
Pain Relief

Incredible pain relief from burn

Our family has used homeopathy for at least 13 years. When our son gets sick we find homeopathy helps for many things. One time I had a mason jar of boiling hot water spill all over my hand and it was extremely painful and red. I took Cantaris and it took the pain away quickly.

– Kenoramae
Abscess, Acne, Peritonitis, Sports Injury, Stomach Bug

Greatly benefitted from homeopathy

For over a decade, I have been taking a homeopathic remedies, and have greatly benefitted from them, both physically and mentally. The kind of homeopathic remedies that I have been taking is Heilkunst, and I have been receiving these remedies from Arcanum Wholistic Clinic. Before I started taking homeopathic remedies, I had Asperger’s Syndrome and also a lot of very severe allergies. I am 60 years old now, and what prompted me to start homeopathic remedies was the fact that I lost one job after another, even after being taught what things are appropriate to do and say on the… Read more “Greatly benefitted from homeopathy”

– Jonathan 307
Allergies, Anxiety, Aspergers Syndrome, Cough, Coughing, Coughs, Eczema, Hayfever, Itchy Rash

Relief from severe menstrual cramps, help during labour and delivery

In my mid-twenties I developed very severe menstrual cramps. By that time I knew a bit about homeopathy as I was introduced in naturopathic college. Various remedies helped for a time and gave relief but did not eliminate the problem. This went on for a few years. One day, in my early 30s, I was writing the final for my post-graduate training course in homeopathy when the cramps hit our of nowhere. I was in agony. Finally I got up and explained the situation to our teacher, Dr. Andre Saine. He asked me a few questions, looked at his watch,… Read more “Relief from severe menstrual cramps, help during labour and delivery”

– Anke
Birth, Dysmenorrhoea, Pain Relief, Painful Periods, Period Pain, Pregnancy

Quick relief from severe tonsillitis

I found homeopathy while I was attending naturopathic college in the late 80s. In order to go to the College I first had to complete three years of premed training with various science courses. The first two years of naturopathic college were just like any medical school, we used the same books for our basic training. Then, in third year, we were introduced to the alternative healing modalities. I had no problems with nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture and physical therapy, but homeopathy I could not wrap my head around. The whole business of the ultra-high dilutions and having no molecules… Read more “Quick relief from severe tonsillitis”

– Anke Zimmermann
Throat Swelling, Tonsillitis

I suffer from generalized anxiety. My

I suffer from generalized anxiety. My doctor practices both allopathic and homeopathic medicine. He offered great information regarding the various options for treatment, and I chose a homeopathic remedy, as it is the healthiest option. I began taking (remedy) to help me cope with the anxious response I was having to travel, combined with a stressful family event. The remedy was very effective, very quickly. The remedy I was given is Argentum nitricum.

– Claire

Treated my Kidney Stones

I have a lot of allergies to different drugs so I am constantly seeking for alternatives for first line treatment. I was offered to take homeopathic medicines for my condition, kidney stones and I took Lycopodium 9 c and Colicynthis 9 c. After five days of treatment I flashed the crystal and I got better. Two years now from that experience I never had the same situation again. I was completely healed.

– Maribel

I’ve tried homeopathy on a

I’ve tried homeopathy on a few occasions and now it’s my first go to because most of the time it does work, it’s easy, the remedies are natural with no side effects and it’s relatively inexpensive. One time I hit my knee just under the kneecap and it swelled up like a balloon and was very painful. Did the usual things like going to the doctor, getting an x-ray, icing it. But after I took Ledum the pain was gone the next day. I also got a constitutional remedy for headaches. I used to get a pretty severe headache whenever… Read more “I’ve tried homeopathy on a”

– Mari