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Hooked on Homeopathy

My first use of homeopathy was a great success. I was taking study classes from a wonderful dedicated homeopath in Truro Nova Scotia about 12 years ago. One of the remedies we learned about was ruta grav, I took it before and immediately after some extensive dental work. I got a long great with the dental work but as a bonus my thumb which had bothered me for at least 7 to 8 years prior to taking the remedy healed completely. I had dropped a large stick of wood on it, and it would periodically get infected and painful, the… Read more “Hooked on Homeopathy”


Homeopathy for Injured Wildlife

(please see previous submission for answers to the questions above) In May 2020 just before we took our bird feeder down for the winter a beautiful male finch flew into a second level window and fell to the ground. The bird was stunned and without any movement made the sound of a creature in distress. I gently took the bird into my hands to assess the injury. I was uncertain whether it had a broken neck, but it was obviously alive. My husband brought to me from inside the house a bottle of Rescue Remedy (with eyedropper) and arnica montana… Read more “Homeopathy for Injured Wildlife”

– Caroline

Sinus Issues Cured with Homepathy

My mother had been suffering from sinus issues for many years, and nothing helped, not neti pots or herbal tinctures with herbs to help sinus inflammation. So I thought I would try homeopathy since we have used it for headaches before. We tried the Hyland sinus tablets. It worked really well, that same day of using the product, her sinus felt better, she was having less mucus especially at night while she was sleeping. We finished two more bottle of the sinus tablets and now she does not have an sinus issues, she is able to breathe more clearly and… Read more “Sinus Issues Cured with Homepathy”

– Mehreen H

Cantharis 30 healed Junedog’s UTI

I first found out about homeopathy when I picked up The Natural Remedy Book for Women [Diane Stein] in 1993, however I didn’t really put it to the test until 13 years ago when our island community got an MD who recommended homeopathic remedies instead of pharmaceuticals… It’s hard to choose which homeopathic success story to start with for this testimonial, so I might as well start with the first one that made me say, “homeopathy is truly magical”. My venerable old dog, June, was experiencing urinary tract infections because she had become slightly incontinent. Determined not to give her… Read more “Cantharis 30 healed Junedog’s UTI”

– Wind Stevens
Anxiety, Arthritis, Infection, Pain Relief, Veterinarian

We had a bee nest in the roof of our deck. When I went out to water my plants, as usual, my feet were only covered by my socks, no shoes. As I busily did the plant care job, I stepped on 2 bees that were on the deck floor. I got stung twice at least, on two toes. And yes, it did sting! I don’t think I’ve ever been stung by a bee before. Stressed out and worried about having an unknown allergy reaction, I did a quick remedy search and got several options. I took Apis 6c, and… Read more “”

Homeopathy for Fibromyalgia and Gall Bladder Pain

I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia for almost 20 years now . 2 years ago I was introduced to homeopathy and decided to try it I’ve found the the remedies have really helped with my fibromyalgia pain I’ve been able to lead a more productive !! Also I’ve suffered from debilitating gall bladder pain attacks for several years was actually scheduled to have my gallbladder removed about 1 year 1/2 ago but I was recommended to try the remedy chelidonium and it changed my life !! I canceled my surgery cuz if I feel like I’m gonna have an attack coming on… Read more “Homeopathy for Fibromyalgia and Gall Bladder Pain”

– Yvona B.
Abdomen Pain, Muscular Pain

Homeopathy and My Choking Dog

My dogs bully stick went down the wrong way and was choking her, I grabbed the remedy, silica and within 3 seconds, she threw it up! Look how much intervention and cost, and trauma to my dogs health that I saved by thinking quick! So grateful for homeopathy! 🙏♥️❤️❤️

– Sherry

Environmental Allergies and My Personalized First Aid Kit

Hi there – Ten years ago I felt extremely run down and exhausted after moving. Being a high energy person I went to a girl at my naturopathic doctors office to have a bio-feed reading done and she determined that was experiencing and allergic reaction. As it turned out the off-gassing from my new home (new carpets, paint, furniture, window coverings had flattened me. After 24 hours of taking Dr. Reckeweg’s homeopathics for environmental allergies I was back to my normal energy levels and was able to cope with my new environment for approximately 3 months. Once I was able… Read more “Environmental Allergies and My Personalized First Aid Kit”

– Debbie

Homeopathy For Pain From Back, Neck and Cranial Injuries

In past years I had suffered considerable pain from back,neck,and cranial injuries. When I was in acute pain I used many methods to help myself and to get help from pracitioners. I did receive help from craniosacral therapy, from yoga, and some massage,and bioenergetic/body based psychotherapies.  Even though these therapies were effective, I still had days in which I was in acute pain. I had tried and used over the counter drugs such as muscle relaxants to stop the pain, with limited success.  I had always been concerned with the negative side-effects of these.  A naturopath recommended that I try… Read more “Homeopathy For Pain From Back, Neck and Cranial Injuries”

Back Pain, Muscular Pain, Muscular Tension

A Successful Treatment for My Swollen Bartholin Gland

I developed a swollen bartholin gland (very painful) out of the blue and initially went to my GP. I was told that the only treatment available for this condition was to lance it or if that didn’t work to have surgery. I opted to try the lancing, which only provided temporary relief and the swelling started to returned before I was home from the doctor’s office. I decided to consult with a homeopath to deal with this issue rather than even consider surgery. I had used homeopathy previously for years, both at home in Canada and while traveling in India… Read more “A Successful Treatment for My Swollen Bartholin Gland”

– Nancy C.
Glandular Fever