I suffered from muscle, joint and bone pain (chronic inflammation) worse from humidity and rain.

I became interested in homeopathy out of necessity. My medical doctor told me there was no cure nor an effective treatment for my condition. At age 25 that was very depressing.

I suffered a spinal injury during my second year in university. Following the injury I developed chronic pain and inflammation which spread to my joints, long bones of my body and muscles. Humid weather aggravated my condition. I developed chronic fatigue and became depressed feeling that I would never recover my health again. I was diagnosed with early stage rheumatoid arthritis. 18 months later i headed to Spain to complete a business internship as part of my studies in International Business. It was in Spain that I was referred to a homeopath, I was treated by her over the course of one year and left Spain with my condition in permanent remission. 31 years later I can say that this first experience with homeopathic treatment changed the course of my life. I was treated with Natrum sulphuricum, Rhus toxicodendrum, Pulsatilla .

– Caroline
Pain Relief