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In May 2020 just before we took our bird feeder down for the winter a beautiful male finch flew into a second level window and fell to the ground. The bird was stunned and without any movement made the sound of a creature in distress.

I gently took the bird into my hands to assess the injury. I was uncertain whether it had a broken neck, but it was obviously alive. My husband brought to me from inside the house a bottle of Rescue Remedy (with eyedropper) and arnica montana 200C pellets, which we quickly made into a water solution. He carefully administered a drop of each into the bird’s beak. The creature swallowed the drops and roused a little.

After repeating the doses two or three times over a period of 15 minutes, the bird pulled itself up into a normal resting position. Slowly becoming more conscious it sat peacefully in my hand. After some time, I looked at the bird with curiosity and said aloud, “So?” And in response, the finch took flight from my hand and into the woods. What a moving experience!

Arnica and Rescue Remedy are essential trauma remedies not only for humans but all living creatures. Thank you homeopathy!

– Caroline