Hi there – Ten years ago I felt extremely run down and exhausted after moving. Being a high energy person I went to a girl at my naturopathic doctors office to have a bio-feed reading done and she determined that was experiencing and allergic reaction. As it turned out the off-gassing from my new home (new carpets, paint, furniture, window coverings had flattened me. After 24 hours of taking Dr. Reckeweg’s homeopathics for environmental allergies I was back to my normal energy levels and was able to cope with my new environment for approximately 3 months. Once I was able to open windows in the spring it did help but when I tried to stop the remedy my symptoms would return.

I knew if I had seen my primary care doctor she would have run every test known to man, probably finding nothing and then would have been prescribed I am guessing some kind of anti-depressant because my worst symptom was the extreme fatigue. I loved my experience with this remedy and process so much that I went on to become a Bio-feedback specialist and did studies to complete one year of the Homeopathic program.

It’s great to have go to remedies in my First Aid kit. Love love love homeopathy.

– Debbie