We had a bee nest in the roof of our deck. When I went out to water my plants, as usual, my feet were only covered by my socks, no shoes. As I busily did the plant care job, I stepped on 2 bees that were on the deck floor.

I got stung twice at least, on two toes. And yes, it did sting! I don’t think I’ve ever been stung by a bee before.

Stressed out and worried about having an unknown allergy reaction, I did a quick remedy search and got several options.

I took Apis 6c, and Ledum 30 c, and Belladonna 200c. And applied an ice pack as insurance for about 5 minutes. Very soon the redness, swelling and pain were greatly reduced, and so when I tried to show it to my husband, he says he cant see anything!

I did use another dose of Belladonna about an hour later, and was walking without pain,  limping or hesitation in about 3 hours.

Strangely enough, when walking our small dog Tudie a week later, she was sniffing some grass and as I pulled on her leash, she cried and wouldn’t budge, I looked down and she had a bee on her foot stinging her. I brushed off the bee. She could not put weight on her foot, she cried. I carried her from our location back to the car. She favored her paw and it shook with tremors. It was very sensitive. She was very distraught, as was I.

When we got home I gathered up the remedies and gave her the same as I had taken, and she took them all gladly and quickly. In about 15-20 minutes, she was almost back to herself with only a bit of favoritism of her paw. She was able to put her weight on it to eat.

Shortly, I offered her the 3 remedy tubes spread out on the floor. Her nose touched the Bellladona 200c first, so I gave her that, and she was fine soon after with no further thought about her foot, and no limping or fear.

T. Jackson