I first found out about homeopathy when I picked up The Natural Remedy Book for Women [Diane Stein] in 1993, however I didn’t really put it to the test until 13 years ago when our island community got an MD who recommended homeopathic remedies instead of pharmaceuticals…

It’s hard to choose which homeopathic success story to start with for this testimonial, so I might as well start with the first one that made me say, “homeopathy is truly magical”.

My venerable old dog, June, was experiencing urinary tract infections because she had become slightly incontinent. Determined not to give her anything harsh, I tried a variety of natural remedies without success. As luck would have it, Cantharis 30 came across my radar… “Hmmm, no harmful side effects, eh!? Excellent reputation for helping alleviate UTIs.

Easy to administer. Inexpensive. Let’s try it!” June simply blinked her ice blue eyes at me with a look of total trust. Such an angel, it was an honour to be her nurse for her final years. Cantharis worked like a charm after just 2 doses, and the infections never returned. Her quality of life greatly improved with the addition of homeopathic remedies to her health care regimen. She was really good about taking them, and seemed to enjoy them and the little song I would sing to her when I’d dole out the pellets on a spoon for her to lick. “Homeos for June ohhhhh homeos, homeos for June-ooooo…” A couple of other remedies that worked well for her were Rhus tox 30 for sore hips and Rescue Remedy for anxiety.

– Wind Stevens
Anxiety, Arthritis, Infection, Pain Relief, Veterinarian

My dogs bully stick went down the wrong way and was choking her, I grabbed the remedy, silica and within 3 seconds, she threw it up! Look how much intervention and cost, and trauma to my dogs health that I saved by thinking quick! So grateful for homeopathy! 🙏♥️❤️❤️

– Sherry