In past years I had suffered considerable pain from back,neck,and cranial injuries. When I was in acute pain I used many methods to help myself and to get help from pracitioners.

I did receive help from craniosacral therapy, from yoga, and some massage,and bioenergetic/body based psychotherapies.  Even though these therapies were effective, I still had days in which I was in acute pain.

I had tried and used over the counter drugs such as muscle relaxants to stop the pain, with limited success.  I had always been concerned with the negative side-effects of these.  A naturopath recommended that I try 2 homeopathics  for the pain, magphos, and china lox,and to use them in combination, if they didn’t work individually. I tried this, and I found that these homeopathics eliminated my pain, and even the most intense pain that sometimes the muscles relaxants would not be effective in eliminating.  These 2 homeopathics worked.  They worked every time.  In more intense pain I may have to repeat the dose up to3 times to have it be effective. Still it works.  I still use these today on the occasion when I have intense pain.  I have recommended them to many others who have also had success using them.

Lillian Kelly

Back Pain, Muscular Pain, Muscular Tension