Hi! Many years ago my husband saw that his fingers would turn white when he was in the cold. For the past 15 years we have owned a car wash and he would always complain about how the cold resulted in his fingers turning white from poor circulation. One day we decided to look online for a homeopathic remedy for poor circulation. We came across several, but i only had carbo veg in my collection. The other one we were going to use was empty. He took a few pellets. His face started hurting on his left side about 5 min later…then his teeth and then his ear and then his sinuses (order may have been slightly different).. then he fell asleep for about 10 min. The next day he did his car wash cleaning duties..and his fingers did not go white! They stayed pink and although chilly.. they were not cold! That night his fingers and toes were warm and from now on he has normal circulation and it has been a week. Yeah!!

– Cheryl
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