I developed a swollen bartholin gland (very painful) out of the blue and initially went to my GP. I was told that the only treatment available for this condition was to lance it or if that didn’t work to have surgery. I opted to try the lancing, which only provided temporary relief and the swelling started to returned before I was home from the doctor’s office. I decided to consult with a homeopath to deal with this issue rather than even consider surgery. I had used homeopathy previously for years, both at home in Canada and while traveling in India and Australia. I was prescribed an initial remedy and then after consultation another remedy was prescribed. After several days the infected gland suddenly started draining, and brought immediate relief. The healing continued, the gland returned to normal and has never been a problem again.

That was more than twenty years ago! Thank goodness for homeopathy!

– Nancy C.
Glandular Fever