In 2016 , I suffered severe infections in both ears from an extreme inadvertent exposure to a horrible chemical that caused terrible nerve pain over the entire head, chest, neck, back etc. resulting in burns, blisters and much more. (long story!)

The ears literally were dripping out a thick, resinous, burning yellow-orange discharge not only from the particulate/crystals of the chemical, itself, but also several bacterial infections induced. Though I rarely go through the medical system, I went to emergency, where they were horrified and the lab work came back positive for several bacterial strains… An ENT specialist angrily stated that if I didn’t do antibiotics and steroids internally and externally asap, I’d end up with “cauliflower ear.”

Knowing the dangers of Cipro and antibiotics in general, I instead headed to a natural pharmacy where I was fortunate to learn of an effective homeopathic oral drop remedy: Bio 87 by Tegor Laboratories which I coupled with a garlic herbal combo ear drop. Well, within days, my ears looked normal and when I saw the ENT specialist again, she was in shock and quietly admitted, “Well, whatever you did, it sure did work.”
I could tell that she didn’t want to hear more as she walked away, because it would challenge the very “standard of care” and dogmas so deeply embedded in the medical system.

– Roxanne H. Gilan
Ear Ache