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Questions you may want to ask when choosing your homeopath:

  1. What qualifications, experience and training do you have with regard to homeopathy?
  2. Are you registered with a homeopathic college or professional association?
  3. How much of your practice is using homeopathy?
  4. Do you use other forms of treatment and if so, what are they?
  5. What can I expect from a consultation, how long is it and how many visits will I need?
  6. What are your fees and what is included?


4HC has invited practitioners to identify themselves as practitioners of homeopathy.  Please understand that 4Homeopathy Canada is not a referral service and does not endorse, nor verify, the practitioners or practitioner information in the directory.  4HC has made no effort to verify practitioner experience, regulatory status, licence (if any), association membership status, or method of practice. 

Address: 5553 Norton Road
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6S2
Phone: 250-644-3646
Address: Calgary, Alberta T3H 3J9
Designation: DCH, CCH, RSCHom
Phone: 403-934-8747
Main Location Name: Alberta
Additional Locations: Renewal Homeopathy and Wellness, Calgary
Alternate Phone Number: 403-202-8507
Address: 23542 124 Avenue
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 4K4
Designation: DCH
Phone: 604-479-3340
Address: 390 Dupont St. Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario M4J1R6
Designation: Homeopath
Phone: 416-579-6234
Address: Delta, BC
Designation: M.D (Homeo)
Phone: 778-772-0466
Address: Prince George, BC
Designation: DCH
Address: 31-10711 Shepherd Drive
Richmond, BC V6X 4E7
Designation: DHMS
Phone: 604-773-7877
Address: 2226 St. Johns Street
Port Moody, BC V3H 2A7
Designation: DCH
Phone: 604-307-5967
Main Location Name: Serenity Homeopathic Clinic
Alternate Phone Number: 604-931-7017
Address: 6550 Throup Rd
Sooke, BC V9Z 0W6
Designation: BSc, FCAH
Phone: 778-352-0806
Address: 156-4200 Grandview Drive
Castlegar, BC V1N 4X6
Designation: Phd
Phone: 250-304-2221
Address: 3939 Forde Avenue
Royston, BC V0R 2V0
Designation: MD Homeopathy (Germany)
Phone: 250-650-1662
Address: 104-1855 Stainsbury Ave
Vancouver, BC  V5N 2M5
Designation: DHMHS
Phone: 604-720-0734
Address: 106 - 1450 Laburnum Street
Vancouver V6J 3W3
Designation: DCH
Phone: 604-608-1061
Additional Locations: 5430 Morris Place
Kamloops, BC V2C 5S3
Alternate Phone Number: 250-852-2121
Kerry Walker
Address: 214 Indian Road
Toronto, Ontario M6R2W6
Designation: Homeopath
Phone: 647-781-4861
Main Location Name: Homeopathy Toronto

Kerry is a registered Classical Homeopath in Toronto. Consults are available in person or by distance.

Address: Abbotsford, BC
Designation: DHMS
Phone: 604-302-8413
Main Location Name: Restore Homeopathic Clinic
Address: 63 Fardon way
Ottawa, Ontario K1G4N5
Designation: HOM, DSHM
Phone: 6134027379
Main Location Name: Ottawa
Alternate Phone Number: 6134027379
Jelena Djordjevic Aleksic
Address: 385 The West Mall, Unit 9
Toronto, Ontario M9C 1E7
Designation: Homeopath, MD(Serbia)
Phone: 647 286 8352
Main Location Name: HealthUp Homeopathy
Additional Locations: 1 Hurontario, Unit 8, Mississauga
Alternate Phone Number: Canada
Designation: BSc., Hom (T)
Phone: (416)832-1992
Address: 2566 Tempe Knoll Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7N 4J1
Designation: LCH, MARH, FBIH
Phone: 778-340-1947
Main Location Name: Nature's Wisdom Inc.
Address: 15397 80 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 2J2
Designation: DCH
Phone: 604-572-4306

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