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Celebrating Canadians’ Homeopathy Successes!

4Homeopathy Canada is the Canadian implementation of the 4Homeopathy campaign that launched in the UK in 2011. This campaign is managed by the 4Homeopathy Canada Advisory Committee, a standing committee consisting of seven members and three advisors.

The 4Homeopathy Canada (4HC) campaign is titled Homeopathy Works for Me. Much of the campaign content is “consumer to consumer” – homeopathy users and patients telling their stories of successfully being treated, or treating themselves, with homeopathy.

Our Mission

Educate Canadians about the value and appropriate use of homeopathy for the improvement of their health and

Our vision

Bringing the health benefits of homeopathy to all Canadians.


Personalized, ethical, quality care supported by competent professionals. Freedom of choice in health care.

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When: May 8, 2019 9:00 AM Vancouver
Topic: The Top Pediatrician-Approved Homeopathic Medicines For Your Child by Dr. Elisa Song, MD

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The core objective of 4Homeopathy Canada is to educate Canadians about how and when to use self-administered homeopathic medicines and when to see a professional homeopath. This will be achieved primarily through the 4HC website, social media platforms, manufacturers, retail outlets and eventually, online and onsite education.

Campaign Objectives

Create widespread increased awareness of the principles of homeopathy as an effective, gentle system of medicine
Cultivate a unified voice of and for homeopathy in Canada
Create a solid marketing and communication infrastructure for homeopathy in Canada that cultivates resilience and enables it to thrive
Support freedom of informed choice
Create a comprehensive public education resource
Create a national practitioner directory
Engage representation and support from all associated sectors, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, educators, regulators, practitioners, and patients, to create a unified voice in support of homeopathy
Identify and engage a media that is supportive of the practice of homeopathy and health freedom
Create 4HC campaign sustainability

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About Homeopathy

million+ users worldwide

thousands of healthcare professionals

millions of canadians use homeopathy


satisfaction rate


Homeopathy is the second-largest system of medicine in the world, with over 200 million people and 400,000 healthcare professionals using it on a regular basis. Nearly 2.9 million Canadians use homeopathy with a satisfaction rate of seventy per cent.


Homeopathy is included in the national health systems of many countries, including Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, France, and Switzerland and the province of Ontario in Canada.


Homeopathy is exceptionally safe and without harmful effects – even for children and pregnant women. Ninety-five per cent of French pharmacists recommend homeopathy to their pregnant patients.


Hundreds of robustly-conducted studies demonstrate that homeopathy works. Seventy per cent of those who use homeopathy experience improved health.


Homeopathy is safe to use alongside conventional medicines without adverse interactions, making homeopathy an especially valuable treatment choice for our aging population.